Jennifer Takagi

Speaker & Author
Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
Certified Change Style Facilitator
Certified Coaching Specialist


Live Workshops customized for your organizational needs

    Takagi Consulting provides three Signature workshops that we can customize to meet your needs. When we talk, I will evaluate your business challenges and craft a workshop designed to meet you (and your team) where you are and help you succeed.


    Building your leadership, communication, and team-building skills will vastly improve your

    success. Personal development is the KEY to success. Your power diminishes every time you

    misstep in leading your team.


    1. The Mindset of a Successful Manager
    2. Transitioning from Individual Contributor to Manager
    3. Soft Skills That Make All the Difference

    Your new managers need this workshop because:

    1. 87% of NEW MANAGERS don’t feel they’ve had enough training
    2. 60% FAIL in the first 24 months.
    3. 58% of employees trust STRANGERS more than their BOSSES


    Today’s workforce doesn’t thrive in companies still clinging to antiquated, 20th-century
    management styles. Your employees want leaders willing to learn new strategies and find ways
    to create vibrant company cultures where people can develop their own skills and receive
    recognition for hard work. To survive today, your leaders must grow and be willing to change
    the way they manage in the workplace.

    • Executives who continue their own personal and professional development will also
    embrace the need to provide training for lower-level executives, managers, and
    • Employee satisfaction surveys will show whether your leadership approach is working or
    not. Examine them and consider whether your team is thriving in your current
    workplace culture.

    Your new managers need this workshop because:

    • • Front-line managers can have the single largest impact on your organization. HR Professional Magazine
    • Two-thirds of CEOs don’t receive executive coaching or leadership development according to a study conducted by Stanford Business School
    • 100% of senior executives say they would like executive coaching, but half of them never receive it, according to the same Stanford Business School study.


    2020 was the year every business had to change. No one escaped the havoc wreaked by the COVID pandemic. Every business leader needs to stop and ask, “Now what? How do we find our path forward? What happens if I lose my best employees? How do I step up and lead the change I want to see?”
    Whether you are facing a global pandemic or more typical market forces, it’s critical to plan for change. You need consensus and support from the entire leadership team, implementation plans, and defined outcomes, or you risk:
    • Employees becoming disengaged
    • Your business becoming superfluous in your industry
    • Falling into the 70% of organizations that fail at their change initiatives

    Your new managers need this workshop because:

    When executives fail to see the pertinent reasons for change until it’s too late, they risk
    becoming like these formerly dominant organizations:

    • Blockbuster Video failed to adapt to Digital Streaming Video
    • Blackberry failed to adapt to Touchscreen Devices
    • Kodak failed to adapt to Digital Images
    • PanAm Airlines failed to adapt to Domestic Flights
    • MySpace failed to adapt an Enhanced User Experience

    Your organization needs to plan for change because

    • • According to multiple studies, 70% of change initiatives fail
    • • Without embracing change, your business could cease to exist
    • • Your innovation could lag behind the competition

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