Imagine if you had accepted your new management position feeling completely confident in your skills to manage that new team?   Is that not a clear picture for you right this minute?  What if you could dedicate 4-6 hours learning the crucial first steps you needed to develop that confidence?  

New Managers, just like you, struggle to transition from an employee to a leader. Would you believe 60% of new managers fail within 24 months? Without building the skills and providing strategies to their new managers, organizations lose time, money, and credibility.

When you don’t have the skills to manage a team, your stress skyrockets, the hours you work increase, your employees become less and less engaged.

Building your leadership, communication, and
team-building skills will vastly improve
your success.

  • You accepted this management position to have an important impact in the organization and create a workspace that feels more like a playground and less like a prison, because life’s too short.
  • What you quickly found instead is the confusion of how to transition from that individual contributor to a leader, trying to figure out how to communicate in the BEST way for you and your team, and doing most of the work yourself. So you’ve wasted a lot more time doing everything but what your mastery and brilliance is.
  • Before long you are feeling frustrated, discouraged and as though all of your hard work is for nothing, your time is slipping away and your impact in the organization is not important.
  • You may frequently be telling yourself that your big break through, your success is just around the next corner. But that “next corner” comes and goes and, in fact, the big break through is always remaining just out of reach.
  • You have to ask yourself: “What happens if I don’t fix my communication and delegation gap?” “Where will I be? What will I do?”

    It's Time To Ask Yourself

    What if I could easily and effortlessly drive better performance from the people I lead?

    What if I could also spend less time in the office and more time creating the life I crave inside and outside the office?

    What if I could invest 4-6 hours focusing on my own professional development to change the trajectory of my life?

    The course “How Great Leaders Build Great Teams” is YOUR key to success.


    Imagine stepping into your new management role with complete confidence in your leadership skills, knowing you could lead your new team.

    This can be you! And you are not alone in your struggle to lead well. New managers just like you struggle to make the transition from employee to leader.

    If you’ve been promoted, you’re already an excellent employee. You are always looking for new ways to build your skills.

    • You love the idea of being the best leader you can be.
    • You know building your skills is the perfect opportunity for you to keep improving and growing
    • You’ve seen colleagues rise to the top and you want to rise too
    • That’s why you’re here!

    You want to

    • increase productivity and profits
    • develop your employees and coach them into becoming effective leaders themselves
    • increase employee engagement and trust
    • feel confident and hopeful
    • build a cohesive team that meets and exceeds goals
    • KNOW you have the best employees in the organization
    • develop your leadership skills.

    Let me quickly share how I discovered the critical need for constant growth.

    Having worked in the housing industry for almost 30 years, I lived the experience of working for, with, and around poor leaders. I saw first-hand the direct result of being stagnant and resistant to change. Fortunately, I also saw the results of investing time and energy into developing the much-needed skills of leadership and change management.

    I’ve traveled the country and have shared the lessons I’ve learned. These lessons changed my life and the lives of over 9,000 leaders just like you. When I saw people change and grow before my eyes, that’s when I KNEW creating leaders and defining cultures was my passion!

    A few of our satisfied clients

    “Content is delivered in a way that is easily understood. Most importantly, content is easily implemented.”

    “As a trainer, she is vivacious, engaging, inspiring, a great listener and such a font of knowledge.”

    “We’ve had her speak at our events twice and will be having her back!”

    “Presentation is full of excitement and really inspires and motivates us.”

    What’s included in the “How Great Leaders Build Great Teams” online program?

    You’ll receive access to comprehensive video modules that give you easy to follow action steps to build your skills quickly

    • Take a deep dive into the qualities of great leaders
    • Learn how to build up your team by setting the example
    • Ponder the reasons you have an “UnTeam” – a team that doesn’t work.
    • Create a culture of recognition and respect
    • Build stronger teams that will drive up productivity and profits
    • Lead your organization to the front of the pack without that unnerving fear of failure.

    Purchase How Great Leaders Build Great Teams for the incredible price of $497.

    Guess what! There’s more!


    • One 30-minute one-on-one coaching call with Certified Coaching Specialist, Jennifer Takagi
    • Access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with leaders just like you, ask questions, receive support, and experience a community of others who are building great teams
    • Digital copy of “How Great Leaders Build Great Teams” – this book inspired the program!

    Picture yourself walking into the office with complete confidence to lead your team to greatness!

    Your burning FAQs

    • Who is this for?
      • Leaders or hoping to become leaders who want to be the Best
    • Who is this NOT for?
      • Anyone who is content where they are and have no desire to grow
    • Do I need to be a supervisor now?
      • Absolutely not! Hone your skills now so you’re ready for that promotion
    • What if I have questions?
      • Join the Facebook Group so you can interact with other leaders, just like you!
        Also, email info@jtokc.com
    • How quickly will I have results?
      • You can complete the program in as little as four hours. Results will depend on
        your personal commitment to implement the tools.



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